Is a tutoring, fundraising, and researching program that helps community programs improve society. 

The goal of the program is to identify youth who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer community support.

The focus is slightly different at each level, but the goal remains the same; empower the young person to make positive changes in his / her life. 


Established to provide tutoring for 

at-risk school youth.

The program creates partnerships with American school districts, parents, & caring, young adult tutors. 

The programs help us improve the {Performance} & {Behavioral} patterns of our youth.


We focus primarily on elementary and high school youth. 

The tutoring program will pair a youth & tutor for 5 - 10 hours or as needed.

The two will participate in planned activities to strengthen education.

Tutors receive continuous support throughout the year & participate in monthly meetings to report the young person's progress.

If you would like to become a sponsor/advocate/volunteer for FREE TUTORING in America, 


We are happy to be licensing a new financial literacy program for our high school students this year. Please click here to learn more. 


*Sponsorship Levels:*

$100.00 - $1,000.00 / Monthly Giving: $150.00 - $500.00

*Sponsor Students w/ Free Tutor and Mentoring:*

5 Kids $500 10 $1000 15 $1500

*Sponsor a School:*

Sponsorship over $5000