Forget Me Not 

Forget Me Not 

focuses on students who are chronically suspended from elementary school.

The goal of the program is to rekindle the youth's commitment to learning and being successful in the classroom.

Free Elementary School Tutoring

Positive Youth Transformation 

provides free elementary school tutoring to all students in America. 

Each Student is giving 5-10 hours of free tutoring. ( Some cases students receive more hours.) 

We started this program because of the building of prison beds based on our students. Our goal is to slow down the building of prison beds in America based on the children who can not speak or defend themselves. 

High School Financial Literacy Program 


helps educate high school students with financial literacy by licensing a dynamic course called "Voyage".

Voyage helps prepare students for the next stage of life after high school. 


Please help us improve the 

{Performance} & 


patterns of our youth.