Company's Bio: 

Our team of developers selects and reviews all aspects of every new project. Our mission includes home or land selection with zoning and market research to develop the projects and tailored for specific housing markets. We’ve worked with a large power team and multiple ranges of partners including Real Estate Investment Trusts, pension funds, private equity firms, family office companies, fund advisors, foreign corporations, Wall Street investment banks, local governments, domestic financial institutions, and neighborhood organizations. The projects have been several and diverse. They include multifamily housing, senior housing, single-family homes, and land development. And whether a project involves home fixing, building, or site selection, we have the know-how to meet its uniqueness.


ZDLG’s organization exists to provide affordable pricing for housing by remodeling homes that are distressed or are in foreclosure. The focus of our program and services is to renovate or build affordable housing while cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and integrity.


Once ZDLG organizations’ objectives and goals have been achieved we will have created first-time homebuyers, second chance buyers, renters, and families having opportunities to achieve the pride of homeownership. Our support will help families be able to take pride in remolding, financial literacy, credit repair & developing community value.

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